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The HYPD Slydr Pro puts your comfort first with an all new design, built from the ground up. Featuring first-of-it's-kind technology, we've designed an adjustable strap that doesn't sacrifice form or function. We made sure that our premium designs can fit (almost) any foot, and in the way that you'd prefer by letting you put the strap on yourself - because every foot is different. 


  • Customized, asymmetrical straps designed to be loud and show off you school
  • Bold Elephant print design straps that stand out
  • Adjustable high quality velcro straps for perfect comfort, without sacrificing style or slim design


Incredibly soft, multi-color camo insoles that match any team and any occasion. Built for soft landings with each footstep that keep you going from tailgate, to gametime, to post-game celebration with ease. 



Long-lasting rubber outsoles featuring repeating logos to leave your mark everywhere you walk. Built to last this winning season and the next and the next and the next. These shoes will only wear out when you get tired of your team. 



Premium materials, construction, and fit to carry you everywhere your passions take you. Many hours, fit tests, and redesigns have gone into making sure this design fits in all the right places all the time. And now, with our high quality velcro technology, you can make sure the strap is not too tight and not too loose.

HYPD Slydr Pro

$52.00 Regular Price
$47.00Sale Price
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